2016 Autumn Pre-Orders

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Extras of the following designs may be available at the October shop update. 

Pre-order options for my 2016 AUTUMN collection include the following designs:

1. Ladybug. Glazed in rustic matte red. Charm with wire loop.

Measures approx. 16mm (without loop).

$14 each.

2. Apiary. Glazed in goldenrod. Charm with wire loop.

Measures approx. 16mm (without loop).

$14 each.

3. Bees Knees Set. Includes: apiary charm, vintage bee bead, striped bead & vanilla round.

$34/ set.

4. Bees & Honey Set. Includes: apiary, cream vintage bee, mellow yellow & goldenrod rounds.

$32/ set.

5. Squirrel. Stained to highlight details. Charm with wire loop.

Measures approx. 18-20mm (without loop).

$14 each.

6. Crow. Matte black.

Measures 28-30mm.

$14 each.

If you are interested in placing a pre-order, please get in touch via email or FB message with your full name, order (items + quantity), and a good way to get back in touch (if it differs from the mode you messaged me. Please don't leave your order in a blog of FB comment, as I sometimes miss these. All pre-ordered items will be ready and available for purchase (reserved under your name), during my autumn shop update (TBA). 

Please get orders in ASAP. I will be closing pre-orders once I meet a quantity quota. I am shooting for the autumn collection to be launched in early October. 

Pre-ordering is an 'honor-system' commitment to purchase (I make the items just for you!). Pre-orders not purchased, will preclude the pre-orderee from pre-ordering in the future. 

Thank you!!!


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  2. Hooray for pre-orders! I sent you mine via e-mail!

  3. Ohh I'll take a 1 beehive okay?

  4. Kylie, thank you so-o much for offering these pre-orders! ☺️ I sent you an email.