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Friday, October 2, 2015

...hiking. meandering through the woods. stopping. every. two. feet. because...pinecones! mushrooms! squirrels! autumn adventures big and small.

 treasures unearthed. the forest floor- a most beautiful mosaic of color and life.

fall foliage- the air wild with leaves. the smell of October. 

stargazing 'round the campfire. creatures of the night. soulful stillness.

Inspired by my 19th summer at the last best place on earth- my childhood cottage in northern WI...where the stars are magic. 

 I used to morn the passing of summer. Labor day Blues. We pack-up the cottage, take out the dock- each act symbolizing the end. Now, we embrace September as the beginning of our adventure season.  Our toad (teardrop) gets hitched up and we weekend warrior our way through WI state parks. This year we are road-tripping to the SE...leaving in a couple days!

Thank you to the moon and back for your support. I love what I do, and I am forever grateful to you for that. Orders are being processed over the weekend and shipped early next week. xx

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  1. Keep sharing nature with your little one. He will appreciate it when he's grown. I know I did!