Inspired by...Costa Rica

Monday, April 6, 2015

A preview of my sample firing, and a glimpse into the heart, soul and inspiration of my new collection. The collection will launch (and become available for purchase), in a couple weeks. 

If interested in a sloth pre-order, send me a message. $18+ shipping. No other reserves will be taken (thanks for understanding!). More from our trip on my personal blog: enchanted & wild

Inspired by lush landscapes. Moss. Fiddlehead ferns. 
The path less traveled. 

Simplicity. Formed by the hands of mother earth.
A primitive palette, perfected with time.

 Discoveries on the forest floor. Scavenged stones. Sleepy Sloths.

 Mountains and birds, with a tribal touch, and a nod to folk-craft.

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  1. Beautiful pics and such a sweet little boy! The new beads are fantastic! Fiddle heads certainly represent spring here in the UP and I too, have been working with ferns on enamel. Can hardly wait for the snow to be gone!

  2. Wow, all the new inspiration led to some insanely wonderful new beads. Gorgeous work.

  3. I love, and feel so lucky, getting a glimpse into your world and work. Thank you <3

  4. Love your work and inspirational life photos. thanks for sharing :)