Inspired by...Costa Rica

Monday, April 6, 2015

A preview of my sample firing, and a glimpse into the heart, soul and inspiration of my new collection. The collection will launch (and become available for purchase), in a couple weeks. 

If interested in a sloth pre-order, send me a message. $18+ shipping. No other reserves will be taken (thanks for understanding!). More from our trip on my personal blog: enchanted & wild

Inspired by lush landscapes. Moss. Fiddlehead ferns. 
The path less traveled. 

Simplicity. Formed by the hands of mother earth.
A primitive palette, perfected with time.

 Discoveries on the forest floor. Scavenged stones. Sleepy Sloths.

 Mountains and birds, with a tribal touch, and a nod to folk-craft.

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