studio update: January

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I made a goal this year to at least blog once a month with an informal studio/ life update. One down!

On my table today, fresh from the kiln, is a large custom order of colorblock fish pendants. I don't often take large custom orders, but these fish have been a favorite since I started making them in college. They are going to a youthful group of do-gooders- traveling and offering their service to help different communities. I hope these fishes bring them joy. 

Next up is owls (I will be starting all of your custom orders shortly). I have a whoooole lotta owls to make. Please be patient, this is going to take me awhile.  Pre-orders have now been closed. However, I may have extras and if so, will have an owl shop update. 

January has been COLD. Hurts to breathe air cold. We've been taking mental vacations to plan our Costa Rica trip that is coming up in less than two months! We will be renting a car and have our route plotted. Volcanos, waterfalls falling into volcanos, waterfalls with freaky blue water, waterfalls to swim in, hot springs to dip in, cloud forest, sandy beaches.......checkcheckcheckcheckcheck. We can't wait. We are a little nervous about the plane ride with juni. Hopefully with a little help from elmo, and a shiz-ton of snacks...we will live to tell.

I'm warming up my sketchbook with new ideas for my next shop update. I can't wait to translate my drawings to clay. Tropical, colorful... and there will be sloths! Watch for previews on FB. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!


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  1. Kylie, I love your article. But I have to tell you right now I have to have a sloth for my son-in-law. He is crazy about them. So please, if possible, make a note that I must have and some other things when they come out. Love them. Thank you.