Winter pre-orders

Monday, November 9, 2015

Seasonal favorites are returning, along with a festive forest of new, winter-y beads (watch instagram @kylieparry and FB for new design previews!). 

Pre-order options for my 2015 winter collection include the following 3 designs:

1. Buffalo Plaid focal beads. Sold as SINGLES. Each is hand-formed from stoneware. The side edge has a matte brown texture. The top/bottom are glazed in glossy red. The sepia buffalo plaid pattern is permanently fired onto the glaze.

Measures approx. 20-22mm. 

$14 each.

 2. Birch pendants/ connectors. Each is hand-cut and hand-carved. Glazed in matte white/ black with bits of brown clay exposed. Back is signed and unglazed. Please choose:

a.) 2 wire connector (top and bottom)
b.) 1 wire pendant (top)

They will measure approx. 45mm. Each will be different (and different from the ones pictured). If you don't like surprises and prefer to know exactly which one you will receive, please don't pre-order. I will have extras during the shop update!

$20 each.

 3. Cardinal bird beads. My classic bird bead in glossy, seasonal red.

Measures approx. 26-28mm.

$14 per bird.

If you are interested in placing a pre-order, get in touch via email or FB message with your full name, order (items/ quantity/ details), and a good way to get back in touch (if it differs from the mode you messaged me). Please don't leave your order in a blog or fb comment, as I sometimes miss these. All pre-ordered items will be ready and available for purchase (reserved under your name), during my winter shop update (TBA).

Please get orders in ASAP. This time around I am closing pre-orders once I meet a quantity quota. I am shooting for the winter collection to be launched early December. I know earlier is better, which is why I am capping the pre-orders.

Pre-ordering is an 'honor-system' commitment to purchase (I make the items just for you!). Pre-orders not purchased, will preclude the pre-orderee from pre-ordering in the future. 

inspired by...

Friday, October 2, 2015

...hiking. meandering through the woods. stopping. every. two. feet. because...pinecones! mushrooms! squirrels! autumn adventures big and small.

 treasures unearthed. the forest floor- a most beautiful mosaic of color and life.

fall foliage- the air wild with leaves. the smell of October. 

stargazing 'round the campfire. creatures of the night. soulful stillness.

Inspired by my 19th summer at the last best place on earth- my childhood cottage in northern WI...where the stars are magic. 

 I used to morn the passing of summer. Labor day Blues. We pack-up the cottage, take out the dock- each act symbolizing the end. Now, we embrace September as the beginning of our adventure season.  Our toad (teardrop) gets hitched up and we weekend warrior our way through WI state parks. This year we are road-tripping to the SE...leaving in a couple days!

Thank you to the moon and back for your support. I love what I do, and I am forever grateful to you for that. Orders are being processed over the weekend and shipped early next week. xx

exploring autumn- PRE-ORDER opportunity

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trek through the north woods...
I am offering 3 different options for pre-orders for my next collection (due out early this fall). I am shooting to have everything shipped before I leave on a family road trip in early October. 

If you are interested in placing a pre-order, get in touch via email or FB message with your name, order (items/ quantity), and a good way to get back in touch. Please don't leave your order in a blog or FB comment, as I sometimes miss these. All pre-ordered items will be ready and available for purchase during my autumn shop update. 

1. Black bears-
Stoneware. Each is different, since they are all made completely by hand. Wire loop for hanging. Matte black with a tan snout. Measures approx. 26mm. $18 each. 

 2. Pinecones-
Stoneware. These are completely made by hand and each one is a little different. Glazed in a warm brown that varies from dark-light. As much as I try to make these consistent, size wise, they all have a mind of their own :) Wire loop for hanging.
Small approx. 22-24mm $16
Large approx. 26-28mm $18

Natural bead set-
Hand-formed stoneware beads. Includes 3 beads/ set:
stained woodgrain bead (double-sided). Measures approx. 18-20mm.
vanilla round
tan/white waves bead
$16/ set (3 beads)

Summer Solstice

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Summer to you!
The sun is out, birds are chirping, and new beads are on their way... (at a snail's pace). This little boy has kept me very busy. There are bugs to find. Paths to follow. Marshmallows to roast.

Previous pre-orders are now listed in my shop and new pre-orders are available.
Bird totem stacks. 5 bird beads in unique, matte hues, in graduating sizes. Choose from an earthy green flock, or a summer sky mix. I will have more color options available at the shop update, but for my sanity, I am limiting the pre-orders to two choices. $54 (reduced for purchasing a set!).
(earthy green flock)
 (summer sky flock)

Tiny potted succulent charms. Available in dark (brown pot) and light (lighter pot). Wire loop for hanging. $22 each.

To pre-order, please email me or FB message me with your name, contact info (best way to get back in touch) and items/ quantity. Thank you! 

The path less TRAVELED...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The path less traveled is unpaved. There is no gift shop. Time, and human hands, have not yet eroded its 'wildness'.

There is a consistency throughout our favorite places (and experiences) are on the path less traveled. There is a sense of 'no one has stood here before'- of discovery.

Hiking down into a volcano crater, not another soul around...spelunking deep within a cave strewn with ancient Mayan pottery...swimming to nowhere, in a school of reef fish...

I aimed to capture that essence in my latest collection. Discovery. Raw simplicity. Organic forms, that nature has already perfected.

Costa Rica is an inspiring place- it's brimming with life and color, lush landscapes and treasures to be found. I harnessed that energy. These beads were in my 'wheelhouse'- earthy, with intricate glazing. The collection was characterized by unique surface treatments- layers and layers of matte, rustic hues that melted and danced in the kiln. Detailed carving nods to folk-craft that is found throughout Central America.

This collection has a lot of soul and I really enjoyed making it. I can't wait to see these beads brought to life in your jewelry designs. Please share. Thank you to the moon and back, for your kind words and support! If you missed this collection, you can still view it in my portfolio.

Packages are bundled up and will be shipped out today (Wednesday).


Next, I will be creating a re-stock order for Lima Beads. No official shop update over here. But, I will be taking pre-orders for birds on a wire pendants. Please email or FB message me with pre-order requests (specify quantity and a good way to reach you). They are $16 each.

After that, I am thinking chirping birds and sunshine! SUMMER is here (almost)! It's my favorite time of year and my beads will be singing. I will be doing pre-orders for a few items- stay tuned. Nothing official yet, just a few past designs to get ideas flowing :)