moving forward...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Being unique is exhausting. I know most of my readers, also artists, can relate. Before juniper was born, I tried to come up with a unique blog name for a new personal baby/travel blog. I plugged in dozens of names- strange word could anyone have possibly thought of that before me...taken. All taken. It was exhausting. My point is that, probably, some one thought of it before you.

As artists and business people, balancing unique and relatable (sellable) is hard. Luckily, what I want to make and what my customers want (and what their customers want) sometimes collide. And, sometimes they don't. I've made quirky creature beads that make my heart happy and sometimes others love them too, and sometimes they collect dust in my bead box. Anyone need a Tapir? Owls are trendy. Their attention is well deserved. They are, in my opinion, one of the most amazing creatures on earth. But, I've started to feel my owls get lost in a sea of others, drowning. HELP. Their uniqueness is diluted. I love seeing others interpretations of the same theme. But, BUT, I strive to stand out. I can't help it. Rebel, that loves tapirs, I guess. This shit weighs on me. And at times, it takes the joy out of creating. In effort to get out of a funk that has been bogging me down, I am changing gears and changing plans, for my next update.

I am scratching the sketches/sample beads that I posted about previously (for those of you that follow my FB page) and am going in a new direction. Some of those beads will stay on my table, because I love them, and some of you seemed to love them too. But for now, a new plan.

I have lots of custom orders/ reserves underway. Firing #1 is happening right now. I am hoping for firing #2 to be finished within the next 1-2 weeks. I will be contacting you as soon as they are finished! I will also have a small shop update of beach houses, beach pebbles, whales, rabbits and a little assortment of other goodies- some sea related, some not.

I will be working on stock for my first (and only) summer art show. And a collection called, at least for now, "the essence of summer". New moths and a couple others that I am suuuuppper excited about, that I'm not sharing just yet. Also, I hope to bring back some favorites, like bicycles and watering cans and maybe some alliums.

p.s. owls, I still love you