Take me to the SEA...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Warm your soul and awaken your wanderlusting spirit. Tell winter to shove off. Almost a year and a half later, I finally decided my Fiji underwater video is DONE (done enough). Please watch and get a glimpse into my heart and creative mind. I filmed it (with an underwater case on my iphone), during our 2 week backpacking, island-hopping, epic adventure in the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. The morning light sparkled at low tide. The reef was an aquarium filled with color and life. Amazing. AMAZING.

Viewing is better in HD (click the little gear thingy and select HD)

My next batch of beads will be a "take me to the Sea" collection. Stay tuned on FB for previews and in progress works, including new whales (pictured below) and anchors and muuuuuccch more.

View more Fiji pics here and here

I decided I won't be taking customs/ reserves (of any kind) for this update. I will announce in advance when the shop update will be (with previews). To be determined, as I have lots and lots of beads to make!


  1. Those sharks in the video are pretty crazy. Reminds me of an awesome trip to Glover's Atoll in Belize. You should check that place out. I think you would really like it.

    1. We love Belize and if we ever go back, we will have to check that place out!

  2. OMG - can't wait for the beads!!!

  3. That underwater video is amazing. Such vibrant colors and textures. Love the new beads. Those whales are great!

  4. That underwater video and your pictures are beautiful. Wish me wanna go there. Now.
    And ooohhhh new beads...YES