Holiday Prep Tip

Friday, December 13, 2013

Such a simple idea, but this tip has really helped me with the holiday selling season...

Write notes to yourself! I create a Pages (word) document with notes to a gigantic and detailed sticky note.
I will open this document around September of next year and remind myself of....

-Best sellers (at shows and online)

-Ideas for new designs. I always get a head full of ideas without the time to make them during the holidays...I write these down for next year.

-Reminders. Examples from my notes: write shipping deadlines on calendar, inventory shipping/packaging supplies, make samples of new designs early (October). Take STOCK photos to save time later.

-Promo ideas (what I did this year, ideas to try next year). Examples: Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale @ 20% off. Next year I'd like to try putting together some fun themed gift guides for my blog or pinterest. I'd like to maybe try an Instagram giveaway.

-Tips. A tip I wrote for myself in 2012 was "do NOT accept custom orders past mid-November". This year I listened (to myself) and that resulted in a much less stressful selling season. This years notes will include "NO more dog bones". LOL. I am sick of making them and always cave to peoples' requests. Never again (you read it here). :)
Seriously, it seems silly, but in the pre-holiday buzz I forget about these things. Write them down now and make your life easier next holiday season.

What holiday selling tips to you have? I would love to add them to my list!

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