Now Open!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My shop is back open for business! I've added a few fall things and hopefully will have much more in a couple weeks (right now I have lots on my glazing table, waiting for me to find some time!). Coming up I will have more bead sets (similar to last year) with acorns, squirrels, colored rounds, trees, barns, pumpkins and birds. Also hoping to have my dill pendants finished and new textured disk beads!

Getting work done with baby juniper is so much harder than I anticipated. I am working on multi-tasking- wearing him in a ring sling and doing more correspondence on my phone, while he is nursing. In time... I definitely don't want to feel like I am missing this short-lived newborn time- so I am slowly easing back into things. 

Thanks so much for your patience and support during this time :)


  1. I love the little red birds, welcome back!
    Lori in Atlanta

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