July Update...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shop update is slated for next week- watch my facebook page for the exact day. Preview of some of the new items below! I have one more kiln batch to fire to add to the update. It has been HOT here. My kiln has been acting sketchy. Waiting until tomorrow to do the second firing to try and cool off our house and figure out why my kiln firings have been slightly inconsistent as of late. 

If you requested a CUSTOM item- don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you. You will get first dibs on the allium pendants, etc. I will be contacting you later. 

This saturday will be my last show of the season! I will be at the downtown appleton art/farmers market. They switched up the art vendors location (we will be located in Houdini plaza- next to the building for the arts). I will be having a BIG sale table (thinking 50% off!)- trying to clean out my stock so I can start fresh after returning from maternity leave this fall. 

Of course, all is null and void if baby shows up! 37 weeks today, officially full term. After lots of pre-term labor scares over the last several weeks, it feels good to be here. 


  1. The houses and allium pendants are so neat! I wish you well with the new little one about to arrive, how VERY exciting!!

  2. LOVE how the allium pendants came out, so sweet! Best of luck with the little one on the way!