Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am still trying to unpack and organize from last weekends show- craftstravaganza in St. Paul, MN. Luke's family lives near the twin cities, and it is always nice to be able to make the trek Friday night- makes for much less stressful Saturday mornings! Packing all of the big/ clunky (but totally necessary...right!?) props into our small car is always a puzzle. We ended up needing to stop about 30 minutes into the trip to relocate the ladder from the roof, to inside the car (wedged between the driver/ passenger seats)...for a hilarious photo of this, follow me over on instagram @kylieparry (also added an instagram widget to my sidebar!). 

Overall, the show was just OK. Perhaps my expectations were too high for a smaller show at this time of year. But, I'm glad I did it and will consider it again in the future. The venue was great, a decent sized crowd and I was among great company. Low point of the show:  someone STOLE a necklace from me. Can you believe that!?! I keep track of everything I sell (and know everything I start with) and either a sailboat necklace grew legs and walked off the table, or someone ripped me off. Maybe it was naive of me to never think twice about theft at art shows...who steals from an artist at a craft show...come on! Will be more diligent next time...

 Always my best seller- bird necklaces. always.

Made enough moolah to fund our trip to Ikea Sunday for the remaining furnishing for baby's room. My first time to Ikea- mind blowing and very overwhelming. We picked up everything on my list (and then some...) including our crib, rocking chair and that fabulous cart that I've been coveting ever since seeing it on Pinterest.
My next show will be June 15- the Art Market in downtown Appleton. Always a favorite of mine!

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  1. First trip to IKEA!?! And you made it out alive! :) They just rebuilt ours in Ottawa and it is gigantic. I still don't know my way around.

    I saw that blue cart last time I was there and wanted it but I have nowhere to put it!

    Your show table looks beautiful- and yes, the ladder was totally necessary. Glad you found a way to bring it!