custom orders

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A note about custom orders:
My next batch will be out of the kiln in about 2 weeks (shooting for June 12). Requests need to be in by mid week, next week (June 5).  For popular items that seem to sell out quickly, put in a custom order! I estimate only 3 rounds before I take maternity leave. Please get any requests in early, so I can fit it in before my shop closes down. Reminder that my shop will close as soon as baby decides to make his/her appearance (due date = August 7). 

coming up...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Coming up next week (shooting for Tuesday or Wednesday...). Woodland owls (in a variety of colors), soaring bird beads and charms and new, fun summer bead sets including dragonflies, lady bugs, trees, watermelons, and other summer inspired goodies.
Have any fun plans for the long weekend? We are heading up to my folk's cottage to do some relaxing (and hopefully I can finish one of the many birthing/baby books I've started but haven't had time to finish).

adventures in door county

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Will let the pictures speak for themselves...had a great time hiking and exploring (with my folks and brother/SIL) at our favorite parks in door county (the thumb of WI). Always a great time with lots of nature-y inspiration!

spring is in the air...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My absolute favorite time of year. Everything is turning green, trees are blossoming and the air smells so good. 
(our honey crisp apple tree blossoming)
 (almond shrubs in our landscaping) 

 (Finney enjoying his sunshiney yard)
I re-stocked one of my favorite downtown Appleton shops- Just Act Natural- with lots of new jewelry designs....including these leaf necklaces (with indonesian glass) and decal charms with an assortment of  images. My works fits right in with the earthy and eco-friendly mission of this locally owned store.

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine! We have our first birthing class coming up (!!!) and are heading up to Door County with the toad (our teardrop camper) to visit some of our favorite state parks, sit by the camp fire, hopefully get more pretty spring photos and I am going to get my hands on my favorite door county made cherry donuts...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am still trying to unpack and organize from last weekends show- craftstravaganza in St. Paul, MN. Luke's family lives near the twin cities, and it is always nice to be able to make the trek Friday night- makes for much less stressful Saturday mornings! Packing all of the big/ clunky (but totally necessary...right!?) props into our small car is always a puzzle. We ended up needing to stop about 30 minutes into the trip to relocate the ladder from the roof, to inside the car (wedged between the driver/ passenger seats)...for a hilarious photo of this, follow me over on instagram @kylieparry (also added an instagram widget to my sidebar!). 

Overall, the show was just OK. Perhaps my expectations were too high for a smaller show at this time of year. But, I'm glad I did it and will consider it again in the future. The venue was great, a decent sized crowd and I was among great company. Low point of the show:  someone STOLE a necklace from me. Can you believe that!?! I keep track of everything I sell (and know everything I start with) and either a sailboat necklace grew legs and walked off the table, or someone ripped me off. Maybe it was naive of me to never think twice about theft at art shows...who steals from an artist at a craft show...come on! Will be more diligent next time...

 Always my best seller- bird necklaces. always.

Made enough moolah to fund our trip to Ikea Sunday for the remaining furnishing for baby's room. My first time to Ikea- mind blowing and very overwhelming. We picked up everything on my list (and then some...) including our crib, rocking chair and that fabulous cart that I've been coveting ever since seeing it on Pinterest.
My next show will be June 15- the Art Market in downtown Appleton. Always a favorite of mine!

summer show prep

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting ready for the Craftstravaganza, which is only 2 weekends away! Here are some goodies that I unloaded from the kiln this morning. I love that shows give me a chance to offer new designs (and designs that I haven't stocked in my etsy shop for a long time)- like these dragonflies. 

 Building up my stock of beads, for my DIY necklace station that I will be offering.
 Tiny tree charms strung up on cotton cord with indonesian glass beads. Earthy and simple for summer!
 New splash of color pendants with built-in bails.
 Lily pad spoon rests. I keep one of these on our stove top and love it for messy, saucy spoons.
 adventure necklaces.

maiden voyage...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We took our new teardrop camper...nicked named "the toad" out on its first adventure last weekend. We went to one of our favorite state parks, Point Beach. It's located right along Lake Michigan and the beach stretches as far as the eye can feels like the ocean, or at least as close to the ocean that we can get to in Wisco. 

We were thankful for the heater! While it was the nicest weekend of the spring, it still got down to the low 40's at night...brrrrrrr... but we were toasty warm inside. Luke cooked us up breakfast on Sunday morning- the little kitchen area in back is so handy (it is hard to tell from the photos, but that large drawer that pulls out is actually a stove).  

If you'd like to see a few more photos from the trip, follow me on instagram @kylieparry

Next trip is 2 weeks away, we will be heading up to door county!