Mother's Day

Friday, April 26, 2013

I put together some new bird necklaces with Mother's Day in mind. I love the soft, spring color combos. Mother's Day takes on a little different meaning for me this year, even though I'm not a mama yet, I sort of feel like one as I prep for the arrival of our squishy babe. 

(necklaces can be found in my etsy shop)

nursery style board- (some things have already been purchased, saving up for the rest)
My take on a gender neutral space. Since we are keeping the gender a secret (which has been very, very hard), it keeps me accountable to not stray towards the pink or blue. Ever go to Target and shop in the baby section? is either pink or blue and it drives me nuts! 
 Babe at 24 weeks. Less than 15 weeks to go at this point.

Have a great weekend everyone! We are taking advantage of the predicted warm weather and are taking our new tear drop camper out on its maiden voyage. Will post pictures after the weekend!

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  1. Sweet necklaces. Can't wait to see pics of your Teardrop in action!!