Mother's Day

Friday, April 26, 2013

I put together some new bird necklaces with Mother's Day in mind. I love the soft, spring color combos. Mother's Day takes on a little different meaning for me this year, even though I'm not a mama yet, I sort of feel like one as I prep for the arrival of our squishy babe. 

(necklaces can be found in my etsy shop)

nursery style board- (some things have already been purchased, saving up for the rest)
My take on a gender neutral space. Since we are keeping the gender a secret (which has been very, very hard), it keeps me accountable to not stray towards the pink or blue. Ever go to Target and shop in the baby section? is either pink or blue and it drives me nuts! 
 Babe at 24 weeks. Less than 15 weeks to go at this point.

Have a great weekend everyone! We are taking advantage of the predicted warm weather and are taking our new tear drop camper out on its maiden voyage. Will post pictures after the weekend!

Spring & Summer Shows

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm starting to prep for 2013 spring and summers art shows. Only 3 this season (I didn't want to plan any too close to baby's due date). Each year I try to come up with some new ideas- for display and designs for sale. Here is a sneak peek of what you will find. The first show is only 4 weeks away in MN! Local peeps, see the end of the post for locations/ dates. 

New this year is a DIY necklace station...I will have big bowls of pebble beads so folks can choose their own unique combinations. In the past, I've found that people like the hands-on, customizable pieces. I hope this is a hit- I think it will be great fun!

For my glossy- shiny loving customers, I will have this new design. I like the simplicity and how the round shape looks with the ball chain. I made a bunch this week and am looking forward to experimenting with different glaze combinations.

Dragonflies will be back (it has been a couple years). Glazed in glossy hues- probably on a simple leather cord. 
 Pebble post earrings. In lots of rustic, earthy colors.
 Disk necklaces on cotton cord with adjustable slip knot closure. Just because I love these and think everyone should too.
 Inspired by the sea...whales, starfishes, ships...

I will be keeping the birds around this year (on my ladder display)...perhaps some pendant sets too. Lots to think about (and make!)

Saturday, May 11
St. Paul, MN
Minnesota State Fairgrounds Eco Experience Building

Art Market
Saturday, June 15 
Saturday, July 20
Appleton, WI
Downtown College Avenue, in conjunction with the farmers market
Show schedule can always be found on my website
p.s. many of these necklaces can be found in my etsy shop

Inspired by...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The weather has warmed up (well...."warmed up" to 40 degrees...) and it has us thinking about summer adventures. Camping and hiking, exploring our favorite state parks and hopefully venturing out and finding some new favorite places, as well.

Also, thinking even further ahead to later this summer/ fall, when we will be taking baby on his/her first adventures.

Some new jewelry and beads inspired by our always-present yearning to go and do and see.

All artwork featured in this post will be making its way to baby's room :)

 Beads/ jewelry available in my shop (if it hasn't already sold!).

And our newest addition...
Luke and I have been searching craigslist for the past year to find a used teardrop camper. We love to camp and wanted an easier way to "jump in and go"....otherwise it seems like camping takes 2 extra days of packing/unpacking. Plus sleeping on the ground in our tiny tent was getting old...and would probably be less fun with a huge belly and baby in tow. They are hard to find around here and the ones we came across were either too big (to be pulled with our car) or too small (no room to grow with baby). We found this one late last week and even though it was way over our budget, we decided it was too perfect to not go take a look. Of course, we fell in love...
It is perfect. MORE than what we were looking for. I will post more pictures someday but what you can't see....the kitchen has a sink and pull-out stove in the right drawer, cupboard space...lots of room for kitchen-y things.
Inside the entire floor is a bed (with cupboards/ shelves on both ends) and plenty of room for all of us to sleep. It has heat and a/c (what!? we don't even have a/c in our house!) and a storage rack on front for coolers or bikes or baby stuff...

So, we pooled together our money, cashed in some old savings bonds, borrowed a little from our baby stuff fund and are crossing our fingers for a tax refund.... and we made it OURS! Probably a little irresponsible but life is short and we see this as an investment in our family and baby's future. More time spent together, doing the things we love.

Once some of our snow melts, we will be taking it out for a test spin- so excited :)