What to pack (jewelry edition!)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I started packing for vacation this weekend and thought I'd share the jewelry that usually makes it's way into my pack. When traveling (or not) these are my favorite go-to pieces (easy to wear, can withstand being tossed in my bag and goes with everything!) I'm generally a simple, no-fuss jewelry kind of gal. 

(side bar- Luke rescued that top suitcase for me last week (from dumpster to bedroom!)

My travel-inspired wrap bracelet (doubles as a necklace). 
Lots of colors so it goes with everything (at least in my wardrobe). 
 Wrap in action (taken in Fiji last year)
 Love this bracelet. Mine is custom made with a little anchor (instead of the heart).
Made by Anvils and Alchemy
 Simple pebble necklace in beachy hues
 One of my favorite pairs of earrings (I couldn't find an exact pic- but these are similar).
Tin snippet earrings by Lorelei

Got these from my booth neighbor at a past art show. Love them. They are lightweight and so fun. botny shop

This trip I will be sporting a pair of my new pebble earrings (but in turquoise!). 
 Luke (munching a carrot), usually dons one of my pendants. Lately he has been wearing a simple choker with rustic beads and cotton cording. 

And that is it! Easy peasy. Now if packing clothes was that simple (for me, it usually is...) but my ever growing belly is making that hard this time around :)

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  1. Awww I am so flattered that you showed my earrings in your post! I am glad you like those, I guess I may need to make more, they are always really popular when I've made them! Thanks again and have a great trip!!!