snippets from vacation...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A few little glimpses into the 5 days we spent in Jamaica...

relaxing...we spent a great deal of time just soaking up the sun
 the resort we stayed at was very small, most days we had the entire beach to ourselves
love this pic of my mom
 we ventured to Negril and ate at a very quaint little restaurant 

 fresh juices, made with many fruits and veggies grown in their garden

 buying some fresh fruit from a local stand


Rhodes Plantation- where we stayed
 our morning wake-up call
Kevin- the friendly peacock

 exploring a bat cave


  1. Thanks for letting us armchair-travel with you! Looks like you had a nice trip. We sure could use some warm weather and bright sunshine. I was thinking back to this weekend last March and we were canoeing the Little Wolf river and it was around 70 degrees. Crazy!

    1. The cold and snow just won't stop around here!! I definitely want last years March back (it is snowing AGAIN as I write this).

  2. Must have just missed you, Kylie! We were in Jamaica on Wed. March 6th on the Bead Cruise!!! It was my first time in Jamaica or any of the islands we visited for that matter. I loved it. Can't wait to visit again. If I do go sometime, I will have to remember to ask you for travel advice!

    1. Did you port in Montego Bay? Because I totally saw a cruise ship in the bay- maybe it was yours!! Glad you enjoyed your time in the sunshine :)

  3. Kylie- what a wonderful vacation and more beautiful photos! We are the same as you- much prefer a simpler quiet little place-- this looks so peaceful-- except for the morning rooster- lol!

    When is your little one due?