Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thank you so SO much for all your sweet comments on my last post. Really made my day (and week).

As promised, here is some of the nitty gritty on foreseen changes (taking place now, or within the next few months).

Baby will be making his/her appearance in the middle of show season. Unfortunately, since I can't quite picture doing a show at 39 weeks or with a 3 week old, some of my trusty favorite summer shows won't be happening this year (art at the park, art street). I will still be doing a few (including a new show in MN and my favorite, the art markets in downtown Appleton). Tentative show schedule can be found on my website: HERE

Wholesale/ Discounts:
Due to the financial strain of having a baby, not being able to do as many shows, time off, etc. (can you tell I'm stressed about this!?), I am no longer accepting new wholesale orders or bulk discounts.

I will however, on occasion, offer wholesale bundles/ discounted lots (and bargain bags!) in my new web store. The new store is not up and running yet (I'm still learning how to use the site), but will be very soon. I am hoping to do a "grand opening" in a week or two with some wholesale bird bead sets. These won't be a regular thing, however (just as often as I have time/ when I have extra stock) and the new web store will not replace my etsy shop.

Custom Orders:
For the next couple months, I will still be taking custom orders for my regular designs and slight variations of them (i.e. if I am out of something I normally make (owls, for example), I will make some custom for you...or if you'd like small changes to something I already make (color, size), I can do that as well). I won't however, be accepting any other custom requests for the time being (no polka-dotted dinosaurs or metallic robots).

Reserved Listings: 
No problem, I am always happy to reserve items for you in my shop (as long as I don't have to track you down to purchase).

Shop Closings: 
March 5-12 (I will be on vacation and my shop will be closed down)
Probably most of August...I am really not sure how much time I will end up taking off once baby arrives- probably at least a few weeks.

Other than those few things, I am just going to take things day by day and hopefully, stock up on beads this summer, so that my shop can stay open this fall when I am busy busy busy.

For today only since you've been so sweet and kind and encouraging and (since it is Valentines). Use coupon code SWEET15 for 15% off everything in my shop!

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