Inspired by...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspired by the open water, warm salty breezes and that glorious ocean smell... nautical sailboats and harbors filled with ships. 
 Charleston, SC

All of my ships have now sold (they wen't fast!). I am hoping to make more after I return from vacation (if you want to ensure yourself one, please put in a custom order with me). Plenty of other sea-inspired goodness still remains in my shop

Reminder that my shop will be closed March 5-12 while I am on vacation (bring on the sea and sun!).

Wholesale bird bead lots

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've got 4 bundles total available. Two lots of 14 with wholesale pricing (50% off) and two half lots 25% off. They can be found in my new WEB STORE
Perfect for stocking up for spring/ summer shows!! This won't be happening often, so grab them while you can!

new bead sets...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lots of new bead sets coming soon (I am hoping to photo/list them today- Monday). 

bee sets
 summer sets
 raw beauty (Fall Stringing) inspired sets
 rustic pebble sets
also, not pictured here but coming later this week...
birds on a wire, blossom (decal) pendants and wholesale bird sets and much more!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thank you so SO much for all your sweet comments on my last post. Really made my day (and week).

As promised, here is some of the nitty gritty on foreseen changes (taking place now, or within the next few months).

Baby will be making his/her appearance in the middle of show season. Unfortunately, since I can't quite picture doing a show at 39 weeks or with a 3 week old, some of my trusty favorite summer shows won't be happening this year (art at the park, art street). I will still be doing a few (including a new show in MN and my favorite, the art markets in downtown Appleton). Tentative show schedule can be found on my website: HERE

Wholesale/ Discounts:
Due to the financial strain of having a baby, not being able to do as many shows, time off, etc. (can you tell I'm stressed about this!?), I am no longer accepting new wholesale orders or bulk discounts.

I will however, on occasion, offer wholesale bundles/ discounted lots (and bargain bags!) in my new web store. The new store is not up and running yet (I'm still learning how to use the site), but will be very soon. I am hoping to do a "grand opening" in a week or two with some wholesale bird bead sets. These won't be a regular thing, however (just as often as I have time/ when I have extra stock) and the new web store will not replace my etsy shop.

Custom Orders:
For the next couple months, I will still be taking custom orders for my regular designs and slight variations of them (i.e. if I am out of something I normally make (owls, for example), I will make some custom for you...or if you'd like small changes to something I already make (color, size), I can do that as well). I won't however, be accepting any other custom requests for the time being (no polka-dotted dinosaurs or metallic robots).

Reserved Listings: 
No problem, I am always happy to reserve items for you in my shop (as long as I don't have to track you down to purchase).

Shop Closings: 
March 5-12 (I will be on vacation and my shop will be closed down)
Probably most of August...I am really not sure how much time I will end up taking off once baby arrives- probably at least a few weeks.

Other than those few things, I am just going to take things day by day and hopefully, stock up on beads this summer, so that my shop can stay open this fall when I am busy busy busy.

For today only since you've been so sweet and kind and encouraging and (since it is Valentines). Use coupon code SWEET15 for 15% off everything in my shop!

some BIG news

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've been alluding to big changes coming soon and until now, I have been fairly sketchy about providing details. I wanted to wait until the news settled in and I had some processing time to wrap my head around what this news, this very exciting news, will mean for my shop/ business. 

(the cutest thing ever meant to catch poo)

(hi guys...I've heard you are pretty amazing)


I am expecting my new studio mate to arrive early August (our first baby...our first non-fur baby).

Tomorrow marks 15 weeks. Other than a short-lived, stint of 24hr nausea before the holidays, I've been feeling good! We got to see baby during our 12 week scan (and they predicted the gender!) and got to hear the heartbeat at our appointment yesterday.

Luke and I have been busy interviewing midwives/ researching care options,  hunting for deals (found an amazing deal on an ergo, moby wrap, stroller, etc. on craigslist- I love craigslist), and of course, the fun stuff....names and decorating the baby's room.

(my 12.5 week "bump", I do realize how ridiculous this is. Still no bump to speak of...)
 (Small peek of the nursery progress- we completely gutted the room, re-drywalled/ insulated/wired, matched trim to the original trim in the house, re-did the hardwood floors, painted, added crown molding...whew...we've been busy! The print is actually wallpaper and is my inspiration piece)

It didn't seem right to add all my business stuff in with this fun post...but a post on what all this means for my shop, will be coming soon. I really have no freaking clue how becoming a "work from home mom" is going to change things, but am doing lots of mental prep now, so to hopefully make a smoother transition once baby comes.

Also thinking about starting a baby blog eventually...don't want the beads to completely lose their spotlight :)

book submission

Friday, February 1, 2013

I finally finished my submission for the Showcase 1000 Beads book. If you haven't entered already, you have until February 14th- better get crackin! Making the beads was the fun part, I got to play around with some new versions of favorite designs (like the birds on a wire bead vs. pendant). I did a lot of experimenting, since beads often fire differently than flat-laying pendants (drippy glazes tend to run). Below are my final 4 favorites.

The HARD part was photographing them to the books requirements. They recommend having a professional shoot them...but well, who has money for that. I would have dished out the moolah if I thought I would use the images again...but the stark white background just isn't my style. I much prefer the rustic/earthiness of my kitchen table of props. I wish I would have taken a picture of my photography set-up for that day....white cardstock taped to a wood box...sheets of vellum on the side  (a make-shift light-box to dissipate shadows) and even a little tin-foil to reflect some light .... And a lot of photoshopping. 
If they reject my beads based on the photography...I can at least know I tried my best!

Did you enter any beads to this book? If so, how did your photographing go?