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Saturday, January 5, 2013

I thought I'd give a quick preview of new things to come in the next weeks/ months...
My shop is looking pretty sad and empty, but I am working hard on new stock to fill it up. The beads are going to come in waves of updates.

Round 1- I am re-stocking Lima Beads (if you shop there and are waiting for owls, etc., they will be re-stocked soon!). Expect some favorites to be hitting my etsy shop as well (owls, keyholes, tiny bird pairs).
I am hoping to sneak in just a few valentines day things- I am not to crazy for the hearts/red/pink....but will have some red 'love' bird beads and some of those groovy little arrow connectors (below) if they turn out!
Also in this load I will have samples of lots of new things to come (my play time- and my absolute favorite part of my job). 

Depending on what works out....I am hoping to have updates of new:

Spring-inspired beads:
extra large bird beads
egg beads and charms
spring colored bead sets

Sea-inspired beads:
coral drops
starfish/ shell beads
new rustic ships (still working on the look of these...)

Tribal/ rustic inspired:
rustic rounds
large carved patterned focals
ancient disk beads

and whatever else I can dream up ;)

I will have new wholesale and custom information available in the beginning of February. If you've emailed me, I will contact you as soon as it is ready.
I will be cutting back a bit on wholesale this year, but am hoping to offer "wholesale bundles", like I have in the past, occasionally.

Is there anything you are looking forward to seeing in the next couple updates?? Drop me a line- feedback is always welcome :)

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  1. Hi Miss Kylie...i can't wait...always look forward to seeing updates from you...
    ttfn xox