Sunday, November 11, 2012

Charleston is such a fun city.  After traveling abroad for so many years, we almost forgot how nice it is to travel in the states (that 3 hour plane rides was bliss compared to the 17 hour ride to Fiji). We hit the pavement downtown...strolling, taking in the sites, peeking through the gates/windows of the historic mansions (creepy...but we stoop to those levels). We went to parks, old graveyards and ate lots o good food. Luke has decided that when he grows up, he wants to be a bicycle rikshaw driver...errrm, no. 

 The Angel tree- majestic
 My favorite part of the south. When we were kids my mom brought some home from a trip and tried to get it to grow on a tree in our backyard (it didn't withstand a WI winter). 

 My brother, Kelsey, and his wife (the one we were visiting) Theresa
 Cypress Gardens

 The highlight of the trip- rowing around in the swamp. We saw gators and lots of turtles. 

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