clean up...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A couple big projects going on here since our return from Charleston (pics from that adventure coming soon!). 

I will be attempting to figure out my kiln issue (thanks for everyone that offered to help and I may still be taking you up on that offer!). I think it is a problem with my thermocouple. The wires in my charms basically disintegrated during my last firing. Now I have a bunch of little owls with no wires...little owl marbles (if someone wants to get can have them, they are really cute- just wireless).  I can't think of anything besides too much heat, that would cause that... My witness cones did seem a little droopier (not a lot...but a little). I am going to try replacing it and go from there! I sure am glad I purchased the upgraded thermocouple that is supposed to last forever *insert sarcastic face here*. 

Once I get that fixed, it will be rush, rush, rush to get ready for my next show coming up. It is in Minneapolis- details below! I will have a "build a necklace" station with lots of pendants/ charms, bird necklaces...actually lots of bird everything. An unintentional bird theme. New ornaments as well!

Most of the above can be found in my shop right now! (my shop will be closing down for the show next Friday). 

It is a rare- very rare- occurrence to see inside my studio. Usually I am too embarrassed by the mess. I am being forced to clean up my act for a local feature on artist studios...which I will give details on as soon as I know more. 

my packaging station (as clean as you'll ever see it)
If you've made it to the end of this post....thanks! and enjoy a coupon code (help me clean-up in spirit).


  1. i'll take your owl marbles they sound sweet. :)

    1. Sounds good- when I have a minute I am going to sand down the remaining bits of wire so they are smooth ( I don't think you'll even be able to tell it was ever there). Then they are yours!

  2. Aw, Lorelei beat me to it. . .oh well.

    I ADORE your packing station. I could totally use an area like that. Yours is magazine-worthy and just lovely! Can't wait to hear more about this opportunity of yours.

  3. Beautiful holiday treasures Kylie!! I'm sure your show will be a great success!! I love the little owls! I know what you mean regarding a messy work room-- mine is a disaster right now!!