Tis the season for chaos...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I wanted to post a quick update before heading out the door this afternoon. I got as far as unloading/photographing my new kiln batch...tonight I will edit in the car and hopefully get a few things listed. Tomorrow Luke, my youngest bro and I are flying out to Charleston, SC to visit his wife. She is finishing her masters in occupational therapy at a hospital there and we are going for a short visit.
Any advice on fun things to do around Charleston??

It wouldn't be the holidays holiday prep season, if I wasn't running around like a mad women- always feeling behind- AND my kiln is having issues again- AGAIN! I will talk more about that in a post next week... I am hoping some of you kiln veterans can lend me some advice. The good news is mostly everything turned out from my last batch...with the exception of most of my snowy hoot owl charms- I know! Major suck. Sigh...more on that later. 
My shop will remain open over the weekend and I will have some access to convos/emails. All orders placed will be shipped out Tuesday morning. 
And now some holiday eye candy...

The lone survivor. 


  1. Really nice, Kylie. I've been firing electric kilns for 20 odd years. While I'm not an expert, I'd be happy to talk to you about the issues you are having. Email if you like.

  2. Your beads are so sweet, even with the kiln issues. Enjoy your visit with your brother and sister in law.