Thursday, October 25, 2012

I still haven't gone through all my pictures from the trip, but here are a couple from our first 4 days in Fiji. We arrived early Tuesday morning, got settled in at a backpackers hostel in Nadi and took the bus to the market. The cutest girl sat in front of us and I couldn't resist her chippy nails and stacks of glittery bracelets.

We spent the afternoon hiking at Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park (Fiji's only national park). We had the entire park to ourselves!

Day 2- We did a guided tour that included trekking through the highlands and some kayaking with stops at a waterfall.

The hike was really intense (really REALLY). Our guide used his machete to whack a trail as we went- the trails were steep and covered in deep, slippery mud. I wish I had an after photo of our legs (and my backside).
We ended the hike at our guide's remote village.

Days 3-4- We headed to the Yasawa islands. Our first stop was Waya island at the Octopus. 

Our bure.

 We spent our days snorkeling and playing in the surprisingly big waves.

More photos coming soon!


  1. Looks like paradise! Especially that last shot of you on the beach. ahhhhhh... thank you for sharing these pics!

  2. Wow! Looks completely awesome. Especially love the sea shots - I am a sea girl....magical.

  3. Kylie- these photos are amazing. I don't even need to ask if you had a great time-- of course you did!! Beautiful water and scenery!! That must have been one LONG plane trip!! Thanks for making us all jealous with these fab photos!