Sunday, October 28, 2012

A few more pictures from the later half of our trip. We island-hopped around the Yasawas- staying 2-3 nights per island. After the Octopus resort, we ventured north to the Mantaray. We didn't see any mantarays (big bummer) but did have amazing snorkeling right off the beach. It was like swimming in an aquarium- I can't wait to edit some of the videos I took with my iphone underwater. Amazing. 

Our bure at Mantaray.

Our view during meals- i'll take it.

Blue Lagoon. True to its name. And they spoiled me with really good vegetarian food. 
Hiking behind blue lagoon
 Our hikes extended into the night....right at dusk you could see dozens of huge fruit bats flying from the groves of trees.

Our last place-Naqalia. A Fijian family owed resort with a lot of charm. What it lacked in food and other creature comforts was made up by really genuine people. However, I don't think I will need any more kava for the rest of my life. thank you.

I apologize for the half-nakey pics of my husband. He sure is a trooper on our trips. Better him than me :)

Hoping to have a small shop update with winter beads next week Wednesday (10/31). I will keep you posted!

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  1. wow looks like a great adventure, is that a treehouse in photo #4 looks like it would be a great place to stay