Tis the season for chaos...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I wanted to post a quick update before heading out the door this afternoon. I got as far as unloading/photographing my new kiln batch...tonight I will edit in the car and hopefully get a few things listed. Tomorrow Luke, my youngest bro and I are flying out to Charleston, SC to visit his wife. She is finishing her masters in occupational therapy at a hospital there and we are going for a short visit.
Any advice on fun things to do around Charleston??

It wouldn't be the holidays holiday prep season, if I wasn't running around like a mad women- always feeling behind- AND my kiln is having issues again- AGAIN! I will talk more about that in a post next week... I am hoping some of you kiln veterans can lend me some advice. The good news is mostly everything turned out from my last batch...with the exception of most of my snowy hoot owl charms- I know! Major suck. Sigh...more on that later. 
My shop will remain open over the weekend and I will have some access to convos/emails. All orders placed will be shipped out Tuesday morning. 
And now some holiday eye candy...

The lone survivor. 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

A few more pictures from the later half of our trip. We island-hopped around the Yasawas- staying 2-3 nights per island. After the Octopus resort, we ventured north to the Mantaray. We didn't see any mantarays (big bummer) but did have amazing snorkeling right off the beach. It was like swimming in an aquarium- I can't wait to edit some of the videos I took with my iphone underwater. Amazing. 

Our bure at Mantaray.

Our view during meals- i'll take it.

Blue Lagoon. True to its name. And they spoiled me with really good vegetarian food. 
Hiking behind blue lagoon
 Our hikes extended into the night....right at dusk you could see dozens of huge fruit bats flying from the groves of trees.

Our last place-Naqalia. A Fijian family owed resort with a lot of charm. What it lacked in food and other creature comforts was made up by really genuine people. However, I don't think I will need any more kava for the rest of my life. thank you.

I apologize for the half-nakey pics of my husband. He sure is a trooper on our trips. Better him than me :)

Hoping to have a small shop update with winter beads next week Wednesday (10/31). I will keep you posted!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

I still haven't gone through all my pictures from the trip, but here are a couple from our first 4 days in Fiji. We arrived early Tuesday morning, got settled in at a backpackers hostel in Nadi and took the bus to the market. The cutest girl sat in front of us and I couldn't resist her chippy nails and stacks of glittery bracelets.

We spent the afternoon hiking at Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park (Fiji's only national park). We had the entire park to ourselves!

Day 2- We did a guided tour that included trekking through the highlands and some kayaking with stops at a waterfall.

The hike was really intense (really REALLY). Our guide used his machete to whack a trail as we went- the trails were steep and covered in deep, slippery mud. I wish I had an after photo of our legs (and my backside).
We ended the hike at our guide's remote village.

Days 3-4- We headed to the Yasawa islands. Our first stop was Waya island at the Octopus. 

Our bure.

 We spent our days snorkeling and playing in the surprisingly big waves.

More photos coming soon!

adventure awaits...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Packing up orders today- everything will be shipped out before we fly out on Sunday. We arrive in Fiji Tuesday morning, will spend a couple days on the main island and then begin island hopping in the Yasawas. Not sure if we will have an internet connection, but if you'd like to follow along, @kylieparry on instagram. I purchased an underwater case for my iphone, I am thinking it will be great fun!

 via Jelanie

While my etsy shop is down, you can get a kp beads fix at Lima Beads ;) I will have new beads- including whales, birds with words, apples, trees, etc.!
When I get back, I will start taking custom winter bead orders and will start holiday prep! My first show is November 17- The Minneapolis Craft'za. If you are a minnesotan and in the area, mark your calender!


winter preview + autumn update

Monday, October 1, 2012

I am ahead of schedule! My next shop update is moved to Tuesday, Oct. 2. Lots of autumn goodies and a few winter things too- sneak peek below! I have winter bead sets, new deer pendants, snowy owls and a few new ornaments. See you tomorrow for the update- I am hoping to start listing by 9 am!