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Friday, September 14, 2012

Just a couple business-y things to chat about...
1st- I am going to get in one more round of Autumn beads before I leave for vacation. I will mostly be done with autumn beads after that and on to winter/ holiday prep. If you are wanting something, contact me on etsy asap, so I can get your order in. I am shooting to have these finished and shipped out on or around Oct. 3. My shop will be closed October 6-23. 

2nd- I am updating a policy in my shop and will now require payment before custom orders/ reserved items (i.e. if I am making something specifically for you, I will now set up a listing for payment beforehand). I really prefer doing it the other way around, but things have gotten too crazy in that department. 
Thanks for your understanding.
Last call for autumn beads! 
p.s. I am pretty excited to move on to winter-y bead sets ;) 

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  1. Oh! I love your wee pumpkins! And I can't wait to see what you are cooking up for winter. I have to start thinking of that myself.
    And I am with you on the custom. That is why I offer a lot of custom made to order items in the shop. It is just that much easier. And if I am doing a custom order for someone in jewelry I ask for 1/2 their budget up front. That allows me to know my limits and to start with the project including buying supplies. This would be non refundable of course, but it is a good reminder to potential clients that I am not doing this for free! Enjoy the day, Miss Kylie! Erin