hitting the road...

Monday, August 13, 2012

We loaded up the car on Saturday morning and headed down the road to a couple state parks in the Wisconsin Dells area. 

 First stop, Devils Lake State Park. View from the top of the bluff looking over Devils Lake. (bonus point if you can find the kayaker!)
 Water break. This never happens...all 3 looking my way!
 Lots of rocky steps to climb...Puppet and Finn RUN up the rocks.

 (c'mon guys...I not tired...)
 State Park #2. Mirror Lake.

Our humble abode. We chose to camp in a different state park (Rocky Arbor), as Devils Lake is a crazy zoo of people. We thought we'd escape the masses and settle in at this much smaller park. Looks Serene...but what the picture doesn't show is the interstate which could be seen from our campsite. It was LOUD. Cars sound a bit like rushing water....lapping waves on a shore...no...but that is what we told ourselves ;)

We decided to rough it by cooking over an open fire... going out for pizza and beer.

On Sunday we woke up, dropped the dogs off at doggy day care and spent the day at a water park in the Dells. It was a chilly day, but so worth it hearing Luke scream like a little girl on all the water slides.

Hope you had a great weekend.
 I will have a busy week of glazing and will have a Fall design preview by next week!!


  1. Aw, too bad about the interstate noise. We had a similar experience at Mill Bluff SP. If you couldn't hear the interstate, it was because fighter jets from the nearby base were roaring overhead!

  2. Lots of memories of Devils Lake! Thanks for sharing the adventure, what a great getaway!