Autumn preview 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This years fall designs were inspired by...


Road trips to the country, barns...

 Autumn hues, Halloween, crows, pumpkins...

forests and warm autumn light...


Harvest time, orchards...

 Beads can be found in my shop! All non-bead photos were taken last fall on adventures around Wisconsin. Anything you'd like to see more of in the next firing? Sets vs. single beads? Any colors you'd like to see more of? I know sometimes I struggle to break my aqua/green/blue habit!


  1. Your work is so beautiful! Keep up the great designing :)

    Michelle from Firefly Design Studio

  2. Kylie, they all look so amazing!! I might have to finally splurge in your shop! <3

  3. Beautiful! I love the rustic colors--they remind me of a warm cozy blanket. You are making me long for autumn even more than normal.

  4. Gorgeous. I love the sets vs single beads - I love the new wee apples! And I'd love to see some more tiny birds. I have no issue with your aqua/green/blue 'rut' - it's a happy rut to be in for me!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Kylie! =) I love the colors and the rustic feel. The sets are wonderful and I love the barns and apples. I would love to see more of the pumpkins and tiny birds. I also love the round beads and their colors so beautiful and vibrant, I would love to see more so there's enough to last me until next fall. I would say that this definitely requires a splurge in your shop!


  6. Wow. Those beads looks amazing. Love your autumn theme on those pieces. I can really feel that the autumn season is fast approaching.
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  7. I do love your sets! I am hoping to manage to snag a pumpkin this year. Your work is so gorgeous. Just love it!

  8. So beautiful and perfect colors to bring on fall inspiration!