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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Several people have asked me about my upcoming show schedule and I promise, I will post it soon! I am still waiting to hear my fate regarding one show. I had to do some last minute scrambling when I got a big fat rejection letter to Art Street in Green Bay. I was kind of banking on that since I did well there last summer. Change of plans! It seems crazy, but applications for fall/ winter shows will be available soon... with shows, Luke's work schedule, weddings, trips, other obligations...we don't have a weekend free Christmas. LOL. but, seriously, it will be a busy summer/fall- hopefully with some good new shows thrown it :) I will be changing things up a bit at my summer shows this year! I will be having sort of an À la carte option (buying pendants/ chains separately)- more on that later. I will also be offering more earrings/ bracelets. I've been starting to create stock for the shows now- yay for not waiting until the week before!
I've been showing a few in progress glimpses of this new necklace/ bracelet collection- inspired by my travel photos. Here are a few that are completed. These will be available at my shows as well.
I will be busy creating a big order for Lima beads in the next couple weeks. If you need something not in my shop, send me a convo and I will get it in with that next kiln load.

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