the kiln is loaded...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

...and ready for take-off!
Firing #1 tonight, another glaze fire to follow tomorrow- this batch was too big to fit in one load. My kiln is quite large, but this round has soooo many beads. They all need to be fired on wires and posts- which takes up a lot of room. Over 90 large bird beads and over 70 small birds- most being shipped off to Lima Beads (new colors will be available there soon- spring green, rust, denim). Most of this order is for the folks at Lima Beads but I will have some starfishes, rustic beads, celestial relics and (llamas & tapirs!) to hopefully add to my etsy shop. My show season is looming, but I will try my best to not hoard everything for my shows ;) 

Heres to hoping the kiln gods watch over my firing tonight! *crossing fingers for a good turn-out*

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  1. Cool to see them in this stage ... Thanks for sharing... xox