here comes summer...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We had a fun-filled weekend with wedding activities (my baby brother is getting married in a month!)- bridal shower, bachelorette party, a day of recovering from the bachelorette party... and on Monday we took the dogs to the beach. We spent the day exploring Point Beach state park on Lake Michigan- it is about as close as we get to the "ocean" in WI.

Bring on summer! On the bead-front, I am now glazing my big Lima bead order. Once that is finished, I will be re-stocking my etsy shop.

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  1. I love your t-shirt. And what a great photo of your dog! Buster always avoids eye contact when I pull out my camera.

    Quite a few years ago I hosted an exchange student from the Netherlands. We went for a bike ride down to Lake Winnebago. When we got back home my mom asked Simri what we saw on our ride and he said, "The ocean!" LOL. That's when we got out the map...