Monday, April 23, 2012

whew...had a busy weekend getting these newbies ready to be listed in my shop. I have a few sets of ancient disk beads (sorting them into little collections is my favorite part!
and a couple of these. I wasn't sure what to call them...but I kind of dig them.
New moons in a rusty glaze. I will have other colors available too...had a few that didn't turn out this firing.
New beach/nautical/starfish sets are now listed.
I shared these on my facebook page awhile back. I was so excited about how they were turning out (at this point, they still needed one more firing). Well...most didn't end up turning out to my liking, so it is back to the drawing board!
These are a couple of the ones that did turn out. I love the look of peeling/chipping layers of color. These are starting to get closer to the look of those ancient beads that I love love love.
It wasn't all work this weekend- we took a break to go on a hike and get this new peice for my studio (cool, huh!?) We found this a couple of months ago at the local antique mall and we saw it again last weekend. I couldn't get it out of my head. We ended up getting a wee sale price and that was enough convincing. It fits perfectly between my studio windows.
my little muddy-footed Puppet :) Find my new beads in my etsy shop.

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