glaze testing

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am being slightly more organized than usual and I did an actual glaze test tile. I've been experimenting with some new combos- going for more of a rustic look. Some of the new combos I am really digging (and some I will toss).
Here are some of the colors in action on some rustic little beads.
bead caterpillar ;)
Some of my current new combos are "happy accidents". I didn't like how they originally turned out, so I re-glazed and stuck them back in for another firing. It created a layered affect that I don't think I could replicate if I tried!
I was feeling pretty sassy and smart when I got that test tile out of the kiln...until I realized that this is what I have to encrypt to figure out the "ingredients" to these combos (most have 2-3 glazes layered). baby steps...right?!
Hope you are having a great weekend :) KP


  1. beautiful. don't you love the creative process? keep up the inspired work.

  2. Oh goodness, those rustic beads are FABULOUS!! I LOVE them. Keep it up, please!