crashing the party (and a coupon code too...)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy weekend everyone! Totally crashing the party here, as I didn't sign up in time for the Wrapped, Stacked and Layered bracelets challenge. Check out the link to see everyone's creations! My challenge was to finish a bracelet that I started a month ago...but still hadn't finished. I decided to take what I had started, and make it longer, so that it wrapped several times. I wanted it to look like several stacked bracelets, but still look good once unwrapped and worn like a necklace. Ok...this was harder than I thought and took a several attempts (getting the focal in just the right place as a bracelet and necklace. Here is it, now completed. This will be apart of a larger series, inspired by my travel photos. I thought it would be neat to create little tags with the inspiration photo and also a little a little story/ material listing about the piece. I will be bringing these to my summer shows (to be announced in a future blog post).
Also, this Sunday is Earth Day! What a fantastic weekend to reflect on how our lives impact the earth. We plan on getting outside to one of our favorite local hiking places. One of the best ways to love the earth is to get outside and enjoy it- the things we love, are also the things we care for and respect, right?
To celebrate earth weekend, I am offering free shipping worldwide in my etsy shop. I will take the opportunity to reuse all those bubbles mailers that I have been saving up! Use coupon code EARTHDAYFS.


  1. Love that you crashed the party!!! The necklace/bracelet is awesome!!! Love when you can wear a piece several different ways! The little stories will be terrific for your shows...I'm sure people will connect even more with you and your pieces!

  2. Glad you crashed this party Kylie! I love your wrap! I have tried that sort of thing myself and I like the versatility. Happy earth day!
    Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. I love that piece - it works perfect as a bracelet and a necklace!

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