glaze testing

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am being slightly more organized than usual and I did an actual glaze test tile. I've been experimenting with some new combos- going for more of a rustic look. Some of the new combos I am really digging (and some I will toss).
Here are some of the colors in action on some rustic little beads.
bead caterpillar ;)
Some of my current new combos are "happy accidents". I didn't like how they originally turned out, so I re-glazed and stuck them back in for another firing. It created a layered affect that I don't think I could replicate if I tried!
I was feeling pretty sassy and smart when I got that test tile out of the kiln...until I realized that this is what I have to encrypt to figure out the "ingredients" to these combos (most have 2-3 glazes layered). baby steps...right?!
Hope you are having a great weekend :) KP

Monday, April 23, 2012

whew...had a busy weekend getting these newbies ready to be listed in my shop. I have a few sets of ancient disk beads (sorting them into little collections is my favorite part!
and a couple of these. I wasn't sure what to call them...but I kind of dig them.
New moons in a rusty glaze. I will have other colors available too...had a few that didn't turn out this firing.
New beach/nautical/starfish sets are now listed.
I shared these on my facebook page awhile back. I was so excited about how they were turning out (at this point, they still needed one more firing). Well...most didn't end up turning out to my liking, so it is back to the drawing board!
These are a couple of the ones that did turn out. I love the look of peeling/chipping layers of color. These are starting to get closer to the look of those ancient beads that I love love love.
It wasn't all work this weekend- we took a break to go on a hike and get this new peice for my studio (cool, huh!?) We found this a couple of months ago at the local antique mall and we saw it again last weekend. I couldn't get it out of my head. We ended up getting a wee sale price and that was enough convincing. It fits perfectly between my studio windows.
my little muddy-footed Puppet :) Find my new beads in my etsy shop.

crashing the party (and a coupon code too...)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy weekend everyone! Totally crashing the party here, as I didn't sign up in time for the Wrapped, Stacked and Layered bracelets challenge. Check out the link to see everyone's creations! My challenge was to finish a bracelet that I started a month ago...but still hadn't finished. I decided to take what I had started, and make it longer, so that it wrapped several times. I wanted it to look like several stacked bracelets, but still look good once unwrapped and worn like a necklace. Ok...this was harder than I thought and took a several attempts (getting the focal in just the right place as a bracelet and necklace. Here is it, now completed. This will be apart of a larger series, inspired by my travel photos. I thought it would be neat to create little tags with the inspiration photo and also a little a little story/ material listing about the piece. I will be bringing these to my summer shows (to be announced in a future blog post).
Also, this Sunday is Earth Day! What a fantastic weekend to reflect on how our lives impact the earth. We plan on getting outside to one of our favorite local hiking places. One of the best ways to love the earth is to get outside and enjoy it- the things we love, are also the things we care for and respect, right?
To celebrate earth weekend, I am offering free shipping worldwide in my etsy shop. I will take the opportunity to reuse all those bubbles mailers that I have been saving up! Use coupon code EARTHDAYFS.

inspired by...

Monday, April 16, 2012

inspired by...

past work. Some of my first designs- simple, rustic

travels. Ancient stone carvings- chippy paint textures.

old beads. ahhh,.....i am in love. seriously, if these weren't so expensive, I would buy them all and put them in jars around my house...just to look at.

beads found here.

these were calling my name and I had to snap them up. old blue Djenne glass.

I've been working on a bunch of new-old beads- with ancient textures and simple images/carvings. Here are a few in-progress peeks.

I am hoping to have these glazed/ready by next week. I will also have some more whales, beach-themed beads, disk beads and more...

return to Belize

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It was so hard whittling down photos and picking just a few of my favorites to share here. I hope to share more in future blog posts as well! We had an amazing adventure, met some great people and have a lot of stories to tell- and of course, inspiration abounds and I can't wait to get back to my clay and start creating.

Visiting Guatemala and Tikal.

Going to the market in San Ignacio and enjoying some fresh fruit

Road trips, cave tubing, jungle hiking and spelunking

Snorkeling and relaxing on Tobacco Caye

The highlight of the trip was sailing and snorkeling by Caye Caulker, with our guide, Juni. An amazing, once in a life-time experience due to our guide's relationship with the sea. He is the fish whisperer, almost more fish than man and his deep respect for the reef and its creatures was inspiring and humbling.