what getting ready for a trip looks like.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last summer I did a similar post "what getting ready for a show looks like"- I thought it would be fun to show the current state of our place. Instead of piles of beads (well, I have that too), we have started our 'to be packed' piles for our upcoming trip.

If you didn't catch it in one of my past posts, we are traveling to Belize. For Luke and I, it is our second trip there. This time my folks are coming with. They are well traveled state-side, but this will be there first back-packing-type trip abroad. We will be traveling across the country, staying at several different back-packer haunts- getting from place to place mainly by public transportation. Our packs need to be small and light- easy to carry and stow on buses, etc.

The plan is to lay everything out and then narrow it down to the bare essentials.
Here are some of our go-to traveling essentials...

Snorkels/ masks. Wouldn't leave home without them. Snorkeling is always the highlight of our trips and we can often go on our own for free!

Headlamps (flashlights). For when you need to climb down from your treehouse and find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night....in the jungle.

Dry bags. For when you realize that you have to swim underwater to get into the cave (and you have your camera/ wallet with). Seriously, these things come in handy.

Snackies. For when there isn't a vegetarian option and because I get cranky when I'm hungry :)

Air-borne knock-off. Because there is always *always* someone sick next to you on the plane.

Next up is narrowing down the clothes...

Because everything has to fit in here... (I still have some work to do!).

Speaking of vacation...I'm hoping to have my new vacation/starfish/reef/whale inspired beads done this weekend and posted early next week (or sooner).

My fresh new blog look is from the lovely Sarah of OhmeohmyDesign. If you haven't checked out her shop, you must. I have a major crush on her new Sunday Charlie design- swoon!!


  1. I can't wait to hear about your travels through Belize. The last time I was there they only had 3 major roads in the entire country and tourism was just starting to take off in the interior. We found it was cheaper to take a little plane to different parts of the country instead of hiring a driving. (Public transit was extremely unreliable at the time.) Have you read "Jaguar" by Alan Rabinowitz? It's a great book to check out before your travels. Have a safe journey and I'm sure you're in for quite an adventure!

    1. Hi Kelly
      I haven't read that, but is sounds very intriguing! Last time we used the bus system and it seemed moderately reliable (although pretty confusing)- it made for some interesting adventures. At one point we were on the highway in the middle of the jungle...just waiting and hoping a bus would stop and pick us up...it did eventually :)