what I've been up to...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots going on in my studio as of late....

Working on more of these birds- right now I am in the process of layering paint/ sanding. I am hoping to get these finished/ up in my shop this week.

I finished a new batch of beads/ pendants a couple days ago and am still in the process of listing. I also decided to paint my studio table purple....don't ask me why. It was an impulse that I immediately regretted. I mean, I like purple and all....but my table....oy....

I went through all my glazes and re-organized! I doubled my storage and got it off of my work space. I even discovered some glazes that I forgot about.

I will be continuing to list new beads today and I do have one wholesale bundle to list as well.


  1. I love finding some old glaze I used to use - rediscovering an old favorite! Your post reminds me that I DESPERATELY need to clean up my studio and organize my glazes! I like your shelving unites - are those shoe storage cubbies? Whatever they are, they seem perfect for stacking glaze jars!

    1. Yes! They are shoe cubbies- they fit perfectly :)

  2. Those are great cubbies! Perfectly wipeable too if you need to get into one of "those" type of cleaning any time in a few years... Love coming across old glazes - don't love how hard they can get though. Also - old test tiles are super awesome to look at and thing - hmmm... what the heck happened to that glaze - or how would that look on a different clay body? Such great bonuses with cleaning up sometimes! A fresh start and new potential... Looks great!