How to use Junk to make something Groovy

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looks like junk...right?

Here is how I use this "junk" to make one of my most popular christmas ornaments!
First I cut the owl out of clay.

Then I use a paper template...

and a glue stick cover...

to create the owl's eyes.

I use a part from a broken pen to continue outlining the eyes.

An old peanut butter jar lid makes fantastic little wings.

I use a pottery tool to press in some feathers...

and another tool for the eye dots and beak.

And finally, a straw to make a hole for hanging.

Clay + old junk + creativity = groovy little owl ornaments

The owls can be found in my shop (20% off until Monday).

I created this post to give you a peek into my creative process. This is NOT meant to be a tutorial, or a means to make it easy to copy my work. Please respect that! Instead, I hope this inspires you to find some junk laying around and create something groovy with it :)



  1. Fun to see your process - I use old bits of shells and sea glass to create my own porcelain stamps. And my favorite carving tools? Old bamboo knitting needles - I have them in all sizes - works awesome with clay! (I no longer knit so I'm glad I can still make use of them).

  2. This is so wonderful. I took a few lessons growing up, and thought you always needed the "expensive" stuff... but this just goes to show you only need a little creativity. I can just imagine you running around your home looking for just the right side of lip, or the circles for the owl's eyes. thank you. the spark within is inspired again.

  3. Very cool, Kylie! Your owls are SO cute. It was interesting to see your process. I used to do something similar back when I made things out of clay. Here's one of my owl pendants:
    I used to use different tools to make all the markings, like you showed in your post. I don't make things in clay anymore. Feels like a lifetime away, so I really enjoy seeing the work of talented clay artist like yourself!