New Goods!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I have a bunch of new goods to be hitting my shop in the next couple days- lots of Christmas ornaments, soap dishes and simple necklaces- new beads/pendants too! I'm hoping to keep my shop better stocked this year, as I always seem to run out during the holidays. My show this weekend was a bust- my fault for not choosing a show that suits my work/customers. It was very flea-market-esque. The booth next door was selling $3 earrings- WTF? I would say only 10% of the venders there actually had handmade goods (a requirement that clearly wasn't enforced).
Hopefully my next show goes better! Just found out I will be at No Coast Craft-O-Rama in Minneapolis on Dec 2-3.


  1. Hi Kylie, wow that owl is stunning...owl's are my new addiction...can't get enough...festivals and art & craft shows are the main way i sell my jewelry and i am usually competing agianst so call "handcrafted" $3 earrings too... then people come over to me and look at my $15 earrings made with hand forged argentium sterling silver earwires and handmade artbeads and most turn there nose and walk right by...then you get the ones that truly know the difference to make up for them...just knock that one on you "not to do list" LOL it is disheartning though when you put so much time stressing and worring that you won't have enough made eh? just think you will be ahead of the game for the Holiday rush...i hope that cutie last till my next pay...i'll be back
    take care and enjoy your evening ttfn Lana

  2. I love the new items...the colors on the owl are just wonderful!

  3. Very pretty! Love the Owl ornaments!

    And, I really like your new blog theme!

    I had a show that was a bust last May. Very frustrating to do all the hard work, set up and all, and have it all go south.

    I'm just getting started on holiday sale prep. Gah - I'm so behind!

  4. I'm just starting out doing shows and I've discovered myself in a few £3 earrings shows along the way. Very disheartening. I'm still to find myself in a proper established true craft show but am hoping next year. It's so hard not to take it personally I'm discovering, but hearing it from someone like you, it's good to realise anyone can have a bust show. Although if I'd have been at yours, I think it would have been my purse that would have been bust...! Love the new ornaments, the musical bird (could it be more perfect for me, songbead?!) is my favourite.

  5. It's so frustrating to put so much work into a show only to find out there are vendors who get away with mass made stuff. I used to set up a booth at a huge show where over 10,000 people attend. It was supposed to be all handmade, but there were over 30 other jewelry vendors, most of which purchased mass made stuff. I couldn't sell much of anything. I complained to the hosts, but nothing changed.

    Now I just set up at a gallery where the people expect and appreciate handmade. It's a long drive for me, but so worth it.