Making Soap Dishes- How To

Monday, September 12, 2011

I started cranking out soap dishes this weekend- trying to get ready for holiday shows/ etsy sales. Here are some step-by-step images taken with my iphone of my soap dish making process.

1. Get a hunk of clay

2. Roll a slab

3. Choose a texture. Here are some of my favorites: vintage lace, a hand-carved wood grain texture stamp, a purchased vine texture and a spiral door knob.

4. Put the texture on the slab and roll.

5. Peel off the texture plate.

6. Cut out the shape you want with a needle tool. I use an old 4x6 picture frame as my guide.

7. I repeat this process until I have several made. Then I set them aside to firm up a bit.

8. Sponge the edges smooth and start to give it some shape.

9. Let them dry a little more in a curved position. I even put my blue jar collection to work- they work for me as a nice curved surface.

10. Extrude a coil and cut it into even sections. Then roll those into little balls.

11. Attach 4 balls onto the bottom of the dish.

12. Flip it over, smoosh down the balls and give the soap dish a nice curve.

13. Let it dry, fire, glaze and fire again. Then enjoy with your favorite handmade soap! Of course mine are Pigeon River Soaps! I will be collaborating with my mom this holiday season to offer some pretty soap dish/ soap gift sets. Once you've tried handmade soaps, you'll never go back!


  1. They are gorgeous! that is just the coolest process ever!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, Kylie! :)

  3. Awesome process photos, Kylie! That looks like a good idea for holiday & birthday gifts ;)

  4. Great Tutorial - thank you for sharing

  5. Do you fire them in a kiln or in the oven? If it is in the oven how long and at what temperature? What kind of clay do you use?