seasons change

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Working on new fall designs and bringing back some of my old fall favorites. I will have a finished fall sneak peek ready in just a few days! Here are some of the ones that will probably be included in the fall collection!

Chunky acorn charms and pumpkin beads

Some of the pumpkins will have jack-o-lantern faces :)

New bee pendants and connectors (also bee bead sets-which can be seen in an earlier blog post)

I will be bringing back my leaf pile design in pendants/connectors.

Also on the way will be crows, rustic leaves, grungy keyholes, spider webs, acorn pendants and a whole lot of other fall goodness! Hopefully by the time I need to start cranking these out, my new kiln will be up and running- I'm hoping to get it ordered this week!

I love churning out new designs- they sit in my sketchbook for months before coming to life in clay. Lately, however, it seems like I've been able to spend less time working in my studio, coming up with and making new designs. I feel like I've spent the last year "scrambling". Scrambling to get ready for shows, scrambling to get orders out the get the idea. I've been contemplating making a big life move- quitting my part-time job and making bead making my full time gig. The thought of that is exciting and terrifying....I'm losing sleep over this decision. I know some of you have been in my shoes- any words of wisdom to pass on? I could sure use some help! I've spent the last couple weeks reading etsy's "quit your day job" series to get some courage and advice. Thanks for your insight- always means so much to me!


  1. Wow. Best to you, Miss Kylie on this big change! I think that your beads are so lovely, so very you. That is the key I think. You have cultivated enough great contacts it seems and culled a lot of knowledge about selling that I am sure that you could make it work. If I thought I could, I would be right there with you! It seems that my making of pendants is usurping my life. Something's got to give.

    I am cheering for you! I love the sneak peeks, especially the acorns and pumpkins. And oh my, yes to keyholes and keys! That is my favorite motif ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Well, I can't say I have any experience, but I'm all for people living the dream and doing what you love to do! I say go for it!

  3. I am with both Erins, Kylie. If you can do it, do it. Big decisions don't always work out the way we want them to, but quite often they do! You won't know until you try. If it feels like the right thing to do, trust your gut.

  4. Give it a try! Your work is magnificent already - can you imagine what you will create with more time? You can always go find "another" part time job if it doesn't feel right. Also, if your husband has a regular income and health insurance, and is ok with your decision - then now is the perfect time for you to chase that dream!

  5. Hi there-I am also from WI!!!:) I just wanted to mention a book called Taking flight:Inspiration and techniques to give your creative spirit wings~~~altho you may not need the inspiration-- but following that book there is an e-course about just what you are going thru with your is called Flying Lessons by the same author. Kellie Rae Roberts.I hope it helps with your decison! Best wishes! I love your beads!

  6. I am going to tell you to *go for it.* I have just found you, and I say your work ROCKS! Follow your dreams!