what getting ready for a show looks like.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The good...

Summer favorites fresh from the kiln! I first made these fish pendants when I was in college...I bring back a few every summer.

New rustic beads.

New summery owl colors.

New owl buttons.

New watering can pendant with hand-drawn illustration.

Lots and lots of necklaces being made.

and rings! Summer shows allow me to have some fun and make things I normally don't for my etsy shop.

Finding out new ways to package pendant sets and buttons.

The bad...

Things covering every work surface..magnets on the table.

tea light holders on my slab roller.

Too many necklaces getting all tangled.

The ugly.

We will let this speak for itself :)


  1. ohhhh i adore the owl buttons and the new rustic beads. will those end up in your online store??

  2. The Vintaj Design team was looking for your name at Bead&Button! All of these are awesome - good luck at the show!!

  3. Haha I had to laugh - the last few pictures look like my house all the time!

  4. i need some rings!!! and...love the focal flower pendant. are you listing those in your shop???? :)

  5. After Saturday, everything that hasn't sold will be listed in my shop! If it sold, I will be making more :)

  6. It's all lovely! ...And the mess... well, what would an artist be without her messy studio! :-)

    We were both just featured in a treasury and I had to stop by and see your blog. Beautiful, beautiful work! :-)

  7. LOVE!!!! It's all so fabulous!

  8. Where are the prices? Owl buttons in particular.