side by side

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love comparing our before and after house pictures- boy have we come a looong way! The first pic was taken at the beginning of last summer and the second was taken yesterday. I had an etsy-free day on Monday and we were busy bees- we are in the process of fencing in our backyard, we made a new rocky flower bed and and planted lots of flowers and three new trees (a magnolia, limelight hydrangea and honeycrisp apple!).

Luke made me this cool bird out of the old lathe from inside our dining room walls (we gutted out our dining room this winter). He knew I was pining for the overpriced version in the pottery barn catalog...I like this one waaay better!


  1. Adding personal touches can bring so much joy!
    Enjoy your 'new' home/garden.

  2. What a Joyful sweet home you live in! I Love it Kylie!

  3. Oh LOVE this color scheme. We bought a fixer upper ( our second) 4 years ago and I always tell people to look for the house that's the color of a dead body. It's not beige or mauve or tan or's just plain ugly!