new to come..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My shop will remain open over Christmas but will be closing after the first of the year (taking a short break to get married!) I have some new exciting changes coming in 2011 that i can't wait to share! Until I close shop, take advantage of some great deals. I will be marking down my shop to make room for new spring designs!

Today was spent making these little guys....lots and lots and lots...

This is where we will be getting married! Negril, Jamaica......The more snow I shovel=the more excited I get!


  1. One of my cousins got married in Negril -- absolutely gorgeous place for a winter wedding! Enjoy your day!

  2. congrats on your upcoming marriage ..i love your work

  3. My husband and I spent Christmas there shortly before we were married (pre-honeymoon?). LOVED it - many fond memories. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

  4. ...oh and prepare to be inspired - hmm...I foresee a somewhat more tropical summer palette? ;-)

  5. aw, congratulations!

    Have a great time in Jamaica!

  6. Congrats!! Have a Merry Christmas & enjoy the warm weather & beautiful beaches on your trip!

    Looking forward to you new stuff!!

    kMk :)

  7. Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful trip and a totally awesome wedding ceremony! Being in such a wonderful place with the person you love getting married - what else would matter? Enjoy your day with your honey…
    Love the owls! Can't wait to see what you come up with for this next year!

  8. Kylie, I started going to Negril in 1979 ... before you were born! They had just received electricity three years earlier. We used to stay with the Justice of the Peace in a shack she used to rent out on her property. The place was on the cliffs, midway from the beach to Rick's Cafe at the West End. I haven't been back for a number of years ... it's a gorgeous place and the people are wonderful.

    One day I was in a craft gallery in Virginia Beach and reggae music was playing. I told one of the young women there that I loved reggae music. She said she loved it too and went to Negril often. I said I did the same. I asked where she stayed and she told me she stayed at New Moon Cottage and had had her wedding there about 8 years earlier. I was dumbfounded! I told her that New Moon was where we stayed. I asked when she got married. She told me and I told her that I remembered her and the wedding party ... they were loading up the van for the trip to the airport as we were arriving. Now that's a small world story! Have a wonderful marriage ... starting with a great honeymoon!