winter charms

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sneak peek of a new winter design. Im trying to find just the right glaze for a snowy roof look. with several of these I tried a frothy white that was supposed to have lumps when fired. Some of the houses look like they have tumors... no good ( i didnt take photos of these). This one has just a smooth white roof, I like that better. Anyone know of a good white crawl glaze (cone 6)? Maybe I will try that next!


  1. i know coyote has a ^5 white crawl, never tried it so i can't vouch for how it will work.

  2. I don't have the white coyote crawl, just brown, blue and green… but have the Amaco Arroya Soft White (goes from Cone 05 to Cone 11 - sweet!) I did some tests with the Georgies IP and layers of the Arroya on my May 2010 BOC glaze post. Not sure if that will help you our not, but it has the picture with my notebook to show you what areas it was applied to. I think that it may give you the look you are going for - soft, not overly lumpy, but not crisp and dried up desert either…
    Here is a link to the Amaco website:

    Have fun!!!

  3. Found the post! I so admire your glaze testing, so organized! Thanks so much for the input :)

  4. Kylie, I haven't got a good glaze for you. But I do know from past experience that those crawl glazes are sensitive to firing. If you are using any kind of soak or slow controlled cool after you've reached temp, they will tend to flatten out.