showing off

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just finished up teaching a hand-building ceramics class. An extremely talented, motivated and creative group of kids. It was my first time teaching a decal class and the first time I have ever done decals on low fire clay. I think they turned out great! Have a peek...

Flower plate and favorite food cylinders. These were hand-built from slabs of white earthenware. The artist Samuel (4th grade).

Assorted mugs. Love the dinosaur! Made by Olivia (10th grade)

Giraffe canisters. Made by Jessi (7th grade). Oh how I love these :)


  1. OH - MY!!! How in love are you - seriously! Those are the best pieces EVER!!! I always feel on top of the world when you see that your educating people makes a difference. They are probably so proud of how their work turned out… Way to go Kylie!

  2. Congrats Kylie - they look great! Oh how I miss that place ...glad you still have the studio after all the renovation.

  3. You have some serious talent over there! I love these. Would be so much fun to do with my kids. My son and I took a wheel thrown pottery class when he was 10. It was what he wanted for Christmas that year. We had a blast, learned a ton, and most of it was not about pottery! Enjoy the day, Kylie!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Have a good weekend!

  5. they're very cute!! Great finally talking to you today. You are immensely talented!