New glazes and new designs!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I unloaded the kiln early this morning (it's always easier to get up when there is a kiln to unload!).
I have a new round of starfishes, in a few of my new glazes.

The fern is in my new copper patina glaze-Love it!

The connectors are a new design and are glazed with some of georgies pigments and my new rhubarb glaze.

Preview of a new fall design! I call it twigs.

Another sneak peek of fall designs. Acorn beads and a 'leaf pile' connector

Bumble Bee Bead

I have another couple firings to do in the next two weeks and have a few more designs to show off. so stay tuned! If you would like something you see here, leave a comment!


  1. oooookay. these are AWESOME> I want a bee, the new curved pendants, the acorns!!

  2. um, I love them all!
    that copper patina especially!

  3. I'm lovin the acorns, "leaf pile" connector and the bee~!

  4. i need a starfish!!!! did you do that on purpose? put that pic of those cute little starfish on top so i'd see them??? ;)


  6. do you have any necklaces set up with the acorns or the bee bead yet? I'd like to see the designs! my etsy username is km2442!

  7. Oh thanks for the peeks!! Your work is stunning!

  8. I love all of them! Can't wait until they are listed!!!