2016 Autumn Pre-Orders

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Extras of the following designs may be available at the October shop update. 

Pre-order options for my 2016 AUTUMN collection include the following designs:

1. Ladybug. Glazed in rustic matte red. Charm with wire loop.

Measures approx. 16mm (without loop).

$14 each.

2. Apiary. Glazed in goldenrod. Charm with wire loop.

Measures approx. 16mm (without loop).

$14 each.

3. Bees Knees Set. Includes: apiary charm, vintage bee bead, striped bead & vanilla round.

$34/ set.

4. Bees & Honey Set. Includes: apiary, cream vintage bee, mellow yellow & goldenrod rounds.

$32/ set.

5. Squirrel. Stained to highlight details. Charm with wire loop.

Measures approx. 18-20mm (without loop).

$14 each.

6. Crow. Matte black.

Measures 28-30mm.

$14 each.

If you are interested in placing a pre-order, please get in touch via email or FB message with your full name, order (items + quantity), and a good way to get back in touch (if it differs from the mode you messaged me. Please don't leave your order in a blog of FB comment, as I sometimes miss these. All pre-ordered items will be ready and available for purchase (reserved under your name), during my autumn shop update (TBA). 

Please get orders in ASAP. I will be closing pre-orders once I meet a quantity quota. I am shooting for the autumn collection to be launched in early October. 

Pre-ordering is an 'honor-system' commitment to purchase (I make the items just for you!). Pre-orders not purchased, will preclude the pre-orderee from pre-ordering in the future. 

Thank you!!!

inspired by...

Monday, May 9, 2016

...the color and energy of the tropics. Rainbow streets. Miles of pattern underfoot.

We visited a local cement tile shop and watched craftsmen transform buckets of colored cement into the iconic, patterned tiles that give Granada its charm.

The ocean. Boats- weathered, rickety, washed ashore. Palm fronds and sea salt patina. Rolling waves.

A colorful journey from 'real life' to beads. All photos were taken on our 2016 trip to Nicaragua. Tropics beads are currently in my shop! Thanks for following along.

ocean therapy

Friday, April 8, 2016

Inspired by the humbling, connecting, rejuvenating, soulful sea. The ever-present magnetic pull to its shores. The salty air. Layers of blue- so blue, that blue doesn't seem like a good enough word. This week Wisconsin has felt rain, snow, sleet and hail...I need some ocean therapy :) All photos taken on our adventures over the years (and beads, of course. always.)...
Tobacco Caye- Belize

 Tobacco Caye- Belize

Yasawa Islands- Fiji 


 Costa Rica

 South Carolina 

Little Corn Island- Nicaragua 

ALL SEA BEADS REMAINING IN MY SHOP HAVE JUST BEEN MARKED DOWN! Making room for a fresh NEW collection, that is due out in about two weeks.