update on my update

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I feel like I need to apologize a million times. The bead making is a sllllllooooowwww process these days. One word: Juniper. So here is where I am at:

Firing # 1 (of 2) is finished. The sneak peek pictures are from this firing. I separated the batch into two firings to 1.) avoid a circus in loading beads and 2.) to test some new glaze combos. I free glazed...layers of different glazes with not as much planning as usual. This resulted in some amazing new colors (and wayyyy ugly ones too). I tested first so I wouldn't ruin my whole batch!

I still have more glazing and a final firing to do (add in time for making sets/ photographing/listing). I am hoping to have it finished within the next 1-2 weeks. I don't have a specific date/ time yet- but will keep FB updated! If enough people are interested in an email reminder before the update, I can do that too.

I won't be doing any sales/ reserves before the shop update. I just don't have the time to check emails/ fb messages, etc. etc. and set them aside. This is a change in how I have operated in the past and a reflection of my new time constraints. Thanks for understanding!

Last bit of important info...I am hoping to do my shop update at my new website (instead of Etsy). I am moving away from my portfolio website to one that has a shop. Tax time is depressing because I add up my yearly etsy fees. Since I have a customer base now, I am hoping I can get away with moving away from Etsy (not entirely but some). IF my new site is done in time, that is where this shop update will take place. Stay tuned!
ancient beads
 seagull test fire piece. this turned out exactly like how I pictured in my head (that never happens).
 stones, shells, sand dollars
 juni toony silly little time sponge

1000 beads feature and new summer jewelry collection sneak peek...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It was a great mail week at this house! I received my copy of 1000 beads. My humble little barn bead is featured on page 346. I've only had time so far to quickly page through and wow, I  can't wait to sit and savor each page. 

 I am beyond tickled to receive these custom brass charms from Mary Jane Dodd. Rustic and seemingly time-worn inspirational totems that I will pair with my landscape beads for a new summer collection.

 I want to keep these simple- throw in your suitcase and hit the open road- type necklaces. It's how I roll.

p.s. my WANDERLUST pinterest board for more inspiration.

I am still working hard on my 'sea inspired' bead collection. I will keep you updated on when those will be hitting my shop.

Take me to the SEA...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Warm your soul and awaken your wanderlusting spirit. Tell winter to shove off. Almost a year and a half later, I finally decided my Fiji underwater video is DONE (done enough). Please watch and get a glimpse into my heart and creative mind. I filmed it (with an underwater case on my iphone), during our 2 week backpacking, island-hopping, epic adventure in the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. The morning light sparkled at low tide. The reef was an aquarium filled with color and life. Amazing. AMAZING.

Viewing is better in HD (click the little gear thingy and select HD)

My next batch of beads will be a "take me to the Sea" collection. Stay tuned on FB for previews and in progress works, including new whales (pictured below) and anchors and muuuuuccch more.

View more Fiji pics here and here

I decided I won't be taking customs/ reserves (of any kind) for this update. I will announce in advance when the shop update will be (with previews). To be determined, as I have lots and lots of beads to make!

2014- bring it!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thinking ahead to all the ideas and goals I have for 2014... my mind overfloweth. Seriously, I never have enough time to create/do/see all the things I would like to. I do have a tentative plan of shop updates (and a peek into new designs/ directions...which at this point are just ideas floating around in my brain/ sketchbook/ pinterest boards). Shop goals first, then my personal 'resolutions'...

SHOP update #1:
I will have a load of only owls (charms and beads) in multiple colors (and some coordinating round beads). I am hoping to have this finished up Mid January (perhaps a bit sooner). 

SHOP update #2:
Birds and Bees. These buttons must be circulating around the net, because I keep getting requests for them. I will be making these, along with some other bee bead sets. Also, BIRDS. Bird beads, soaring bird beads/ charms, maybe a few birds on a wire bracelet focals and NEW birds on houses (like my ornament but shrunk down to beads size). I have other custom requests out, I will hopefully get to some of them during this update. If you have a request, get it in soon!

SHOP update #3:
take me to the SEA. I think these ocean beads/ sets are my all time favorites to make. They speak to my soul. I will be making my usuals (starfish, whales, rustic pebbles). I will be bringing back my landscape beads, maybe making some different colors and perhaps making some larger. Also, NEW whales, anchors, seagulls, Oh my!

More inspiration sets. Curating these sets is fun and I love seeing what other artists create with them.
Peek at my take me to the SEA pinterest inspiration board...like taking a glimpse into my brain. Also, sweet beads and jewelry and artwork...
Planning ahead any more is just crazy. But you can expect some of my usual springy goodness along with new designs.
Earthy Pastel Boho...view my spring inspiration board here.

Some business goals for the new year:
updating my blog...CHECK! I wanted a cleaner look and it easier to navigate/ link up with all my other sites. Hover over a photo...see the nifty 'pin it' button. Love that.

Also, almost checked off the list...getting an external hard drive to back up my macbook. I know... I KNOW. I. AM. A. FOOL. for not doing this sooner. It is ordered.

AND some personal goals:
Trying to do with less stuff. I want more experiences. Both stuff and experiences cost money (for the most part). Since we are pretty much broke and can't afford both, I want to choose experiences. It is hard. Before I purchase that (insert a not necessary baby item here) I will ask myself...do I want this, or (insert current trip we are dreaming of).

Be present. Put down the iphone.

Also, continually striving to live more naturally. This year we are trading in our lawn for a larger food garden and I want to do away with all (most) commercial cleaning products. Some of the cleaner recipes I will be trying out are here.

I am looking forward to reading some of your blogs/ FB posts to see what everyone else has in store for 2014. Happy New Year. It is going to be a great year.

best of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

A few of my happiest moments, most cherished adventures and favorite beads from 2013. I love taking a moment to look back, before thinking about new things to come in 2014. Thanks for following along, it has been a wonderful ride. 

 this very exciting announcement!
 ship pendants
babymoon trip to Jamaica 
 fish beads
purchased our 'toad'- aka tear drop camper and starting adventuring
 woodland owls
camping, camping and more camping
 soar birds
Stringing magazine feature: rustic fern earrings
tree house sets

melon beads
very very pregnant me 
 dill pendants
the BEST part of this year- juniper wild was born!
enjoying life with juni (juni's first dip in the lake- 18 days old)
barn bead got accepted into the Lark book: 1000 beads
one of my favorite 2013 ornaments
Christmas with a baby = way more fun :)
My best of 2012 post.
Can't wait to share some of the new things in store for 2014! Have a joyous new year!!